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Are you looking for help with physical therapy in Tyler TX? The team at The Refinery Chiropractic is here to help.

Things to know about Full Circle Physical Therapy in Tyler TX

  • We provide individualized care based on the patient's specific needs. Your time is highly valued and sessions will always be one on one. Sessions are typically 30-60 minutes depending on the patient.
  • Dr. Kelsey specializes in treating developmental concerns in children ages 0-3 years old with over 5 years of pediatric experience.
  • Dr. Kelsey also specializes in treating female pelvic floor conditions and related symptoms especially in the childbearing age group.
  • Full Circle PT provides a holistic approach to symptoms and diagnoses with a strong emphasis on a team approach model such as collaborating with chiropractors, lactation consultants, CFT/CST therapists, and pediatricians.
  • Treatment and plan of care is determined by each client's specific presentation and the goals/wishes of the patient, NOT by arbitrary insurance guidelines and protocols.
  • Dr. Kelsey's private pay model results in shorter treatment duration and fewer sessions, saving the patient and the medical system money. Although FCPT does not bill insurance companies directly, a super bill (itemized receipt) can be requested in order for the patient to submit their own claim for reimbursement.
  • Every patient is provided an individualized home program in order to maximize progress between therapy sessions and learn effective techniques for their specific presentation.
  • Community education, workshops, and online resources are also offered throughout the year.

Pediatric Specialties

  • Torticollis
  • Pre and post-oral tie release
  • Head shape concerns
  • Delayed motor skills
  • Asymmetrical motor skills
  • Positioning and equipment recommendations
  • Purposeful play education

Women’s Health Specialties

  • Pubic symphysis dysfunction
  • Pelvic/hip/low back pain
  • Preparing for birth
  • Diastasis Rectus Abdominus
  • Pelvic organ prolapse
  • Urinary leaking or urgency
  • Fecal leaking or urgency
  • Pain with intercourse
  • Discomfort/heaviness in the vaginal/anal region

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